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"Life coaching for the woman who is ready to create a life that she loves, effortlessly."

Stressed Woman

Top 5

The top 5 challenges that women struggle with while in pursuit of their goals is balancing responsibilities, fearing failure, overthinking success, feeling like an imposter and experiencing true fulfillment.

Are you seeking to find deeper meaning within
your life or simply looking to find ways that will help 
you to better navigate a life that you
like so that it becomes a life that you love? 


Our CEO & Company Mission

Rise Coaching, originally Rise & Be Great, was founded in 2017 by Lanasia Angelina, certified personal life coach, published author and professional speaker.  

After 5 years of coaching and 10+ years in the personal development space, Lanasia realized that so many women weren't advancing at the rate that they desired because they oftentimes didn't feel worthy. "As a life coach, I witnessed it, but as a woman, I lived it. This was my experience and that's what makes me so passionate about helping other women to rise above the narratives that hold them back". 

At Rise Coaching Agency, our team of dedicated coaches are on a mission to help women to unlock the power within that shifts their narrative from "feeling stuck" to "feeling empowered to create the abundant life that they deserve"


Meet Coach Dajah from Battlecreek Michigan. Dajah is a licensed clinical therapist, certified life coach and has been a member of Rise since 2020. Dajah is now serving as the lead life coach and co-trainer for Life Coach University students. Ladajah says that joining Rise almost 3 years ago changed her entire life.

Our Services

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1:1 Personal Coaching

Within our 1:1 coaching experiences we provide a safe space for your to discuss your personal and professional challenges. Using our RISE Framework we support our clients in transforming their lives from the inside out. Feeling stuck, seeking to discover your purpose, struggling with finding balance between work and home-life? Contact us to discuss your needs for coaching so that we can connect you with the best coach for you.


Corporate Events

Women need safe spaces within their work environment and Rise Coaching provides just that. Let's set up a call to discuss the coaching needs of the women  within your company. Wellness in the workplace is essential. Let us help your team with the personal development resources that will enhance work performance.


Life Coach Training

Our certified coach training, Life Coach University, is a 16 week course for active and aspiring life coaches. Our curriculum trains students on the techniques of coaching and the fundamentals of starting your own successful coaching business. Learn the masterful art of facilitating growth in others and learn how to sale your services to your audience. Next training cohort starts Spring 2023. join the waitlist.

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