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I've been waiting for you for a long time. My name is Lanasia Angelina and I'm the founder and CEO of Rise Coaching Agency. Most importantly, I exist to be the light that helps others to see the light within themselves. ​Born and raised in Detroit, my greatest hindrances in life were the limitations that were projected onto me by others.  I lived so much of my life in limitation simply because of my thinking. Breaking free from that gave my life so much meaning that I had to commit to helping others to experience this same freedom within their own lives. 

My commitment is not only to the ambitious professionals who are ready to step into their greater level but also to a team of coaches who have committed to helping me carry this mission out and transform lives globally.

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My Story

As a certified coach who specializes in mindset transformation, my mission is for individuals create new manifestations by simply recreating the world inside of their mind. My passion for coaching was sparked by my personal  experience of feeing stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled within my personal and professional life. Soon after sharing these feelings with others, I realized that my struggles weren't unique. I recognized that my experience were actually connected to a bigger  problem that needed to be addressed for entrepreneurs and the forgotten 9-5ers.​​


Athletes, Entertainers & C-Suite Executives were all receiving personal support that propelled them even further within their careers, but the one's driving the businesses that we frequent everyday became worker bee's who often felt overworked and under-appreciated.

Being the solution-oriented person that I am, I decided to fill that existing void within the workplace and submit to a mission to serve the "forgotten 9-5ers" By providing personal life coaching support to professionals who are ready to thrive within their roles.

Rise Coaching will help to restore passion within so many people, furthermore improving workplace performance and increased retention.

I'd love to talk more about how I can help you or your team to grow personally so that the professional success takes care of itself.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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