R.I.S.E to the Occasion

Navigating the "New Normal"

Since the pandemic so much has changed for us all collectively, and for the most part, companies done a great job acknowledging this.


However, what's most significant is the fact that everyone was uniquely impacted. Some had the privilege to self-reflect and make necessary changes that would support them in adjusting smoothly. Others had to take on additional responsibilities that required a version of them that could juggle the role of parenting, house-keeping and being a buttoned up professional all within the same 8 hours. 

While experiencing the loss of loved ones, isolation and simply having to adapt to a new routine at the drop of a dime, every individual who somehow found the strength each day to simply wake up and

persevere has much to be proud of. 

The question now becomes, what’s the major impact that these changes have had on us mentally, spiritually, emotionally, even physically? And how do we prioritize our personal well-being so that we are able to successfully navigate through what many are considering a “new-normal”? 

The key to mastering our lives is mastering our mindset.


Life's challenges present us with two options every time; The option to change our circumstance or the option to change ourselves. And since we can’t change a pandemic, civil unrest and economic stress overnight, we have to identify ways that we can evolve into a version of ourselves who can succeed within this new realm of possibility. 

Rise Coaching’s team of expert certified coaches have created a workshop that will support your staff in being able to

R.I.S.E to the Occasion. 

With a 2 hour interactive coaching workshop, allow our team of coaches and therapists to guide your

organization of team members through a process that will help them to:

  • Realize how the current changes have affected their lives 

  • Set proper Intentions that will align them with their desired outcomes

  • Develop a Strategy for personal and professional success 

  • Develop a daily Execution plan for tasks that will propel them forward into the direction of their goals 

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